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Written by SU   
Saturday, 01 December 2007
Last Updated ( Saturday, 01 December 2007 )
Welcome to Nine Steps Studios!
Written by Web Master   
Saturday, 12 June 2004

We've been very busy as of late, Shooting for Fast Agency, Thinking Planet Films, Street Walker Productions, Sterling Movie Factory and others!

Camera, Jib, Dolly on the set of 'The Oldest Hypocrisy

Contact us for your film project!  We are reliable, experienced, creative and affordable!  DP, Camera, Gaffer, Grip, Location Scout/Manager/Support.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 14 June 2007 )
NSS Projects
Written by SU   
Thursday, 14 June 2007

Our projects are wide ranging and interesting... at least to us ;^)

We have several, "Hey Marine!", "The Ride", "Real American Chili", "Life in the Laugh Lane" - 'surely, they've lost their minds...', and our baby... The full length feature film, "WET Racing"!

All of these projects are in pre-production, in various stages and are heading toward production scheduling and crewing requirements while budgets are being assembled and finalized.

Details of the individual projects are below, let us know if you are interested in see more about any one of them, we would be happy to share! 


Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 October 2007 )